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How does a beverage brand become a “must have” fashion brand?


The story begins over 20 years ago by unique collaborations with Osklen, Imaginarium,

Havaianas, Puket and the long-lasting partnership with the giant in apparel industry AMC, that is until this day a big hit in runways with the label Coca-Cola Jeans. Over the years, Redibra established fruitful partnerships in several product categories, most notoriously the footwear line Coca-Cola Shoes, but also homeware, décor, notebooks, backpacks and even jewelry with Monte Carlo.


This brand extension program has counted on great collabs recently, such as:

  • The beachwear collection by renowned high-end brand Água de Coco por Liana Thomas, which made its launch in a fashion show within Fashion Week calendar at the Municipal (Food) Market.

  • Nail polish collection by Risque (Coty Group), which had a launch event with a pocket show by a Brazilian pop star and resulted in an impact of 333 million impressions.

  • A line of vintage décor and homeware by Tok&Stok, a furniture and decoration DTR with over 60 stores in Brazil.


The integration between Redibra initiatives and Coca-Cola Global Marketing campaigns, the hip product line and relevant branded retail experience makes the Coca-Cola Brazil licensing program their biggest worldwide!

Galinha Pintadinha (Lottie Dottie Chicken) started out as a YouTube videoclip and turned into a phenomenon among kids.  The brand is the biggest children’s YouTube channel in Brazil with its billions of views, becoming a classic and evergreen character.


A transmedia brand, Galinha Pintadinha is a big hit in all platforms: TV (SBT, TV Cultura and Nat Geo Kids channels), YouTube, VODs (YouTube, VODs (Netflix, Net Now, Playkids and more), live shows, publishing and apps.


Licensing of such a memorable character includes all the must have categories for the target: toys, diapers, childcare products, apparel, footwear, etc. Activation with influencers and retail experiences, such as Meet & Greet and Instagrammable spaces brings the fans closer to the brand.


Capricho is the biggest teen brand for Brazilian girls, with over 15 million fans on social media. One out of every three girls interact with the brand by its content, events and licensed products in several categories, such as personal care, backpacks, notebooks, accessories, gifts, chocolates, etc. Capricho is a reference when it comes to online content, standing for values that are important to their audience, like women empowerment, empathy, self-acceptance and the power of transformation.


These values were the core theme of the 2020 Back to School campaign. The back to school period is one of the most important moments of the year for teenage girls, so there are a lot of expectations and fears in their minds. In a good-humored vibe and focusing on mental health, the campaign was built on fun and witty posts that address issues in a light manner and encourages sorority, while showcasing Capricho newly launched products.


Keith Haring is one of the most renowned visual artists of all times, so Redibra strategically partnered with licensees that could pass on the unique traits of his work.


The high-end apparel store Reserva was the first to launch a Keith Haring collection within their collab line RSV+. Fashionable and vintage pieces in vibrant colors were born from this partnership. The launch was made with an amazing photo shoot, store windows in high-end malls and social media posts.


Zee.Dog is another noteworthy partnership, an unprecedented milestone in Brazilian pet market, which united Keith Haring’s work with Zee.Dog’s innovative style of brand.  The urban scene celebrated by artists such as Haring in 1990 was the core base to print street culture in the pet accessories collection.


Nintendo’s evergreen property Super Mario is a pop culture icon and appeals to people of all ages and genders. The licensed products from partners such as Riachuelo, Havaianas, Lupo, Hering, among others, carry the brand’s DNA.


Super Mario is where the fan is: the characters are present every year in events like Brasil Game Show and CCXP (Comic-Con Experience) be it through official products in licensees’ booths – Zona Criativa, Riachuelo, Lupo and Havaianas – and  also performing Meet & Greets, which creates big queues of excited gamers that want to take pictures.


Redibra focuses on a fancentric strategy to deliver what gamers and geeks love.