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Super Mario + Lupo

With its Lupo Urban collection, aimed at the geek/nerd public, the company brings prints of several franchises loved by the public and for the first time, Lupo brings a collection for the gaming public, in partnership with Nintendo bringing a line of the Super Mario game.

Super Mario + Zee.Dog

Consolidated in the pet sector for promoting the concept of lifestyle through its products,  Zee.Dog is the first company in the world to partner with Nintendo, known for its iconic characters and differential in games. The collection between both brands results in exclusive products with limited stock that offer items for dogs and cats such as collars, leads, pads, and even feeders and beds in several models, all customized and with a differentiated design.

Super Mario + Hering

Nintendo, the iconic brand in the gaming world, has teamed up with Hering Kids to create a collection for its kids fans. Composed of T-shirts with several fun shelves. The line is available in all Hering Kids physical stores and brand resellers throughout Brazil

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