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Now United + Riachuelo

Consolidated as one of the retailers with the largest number of licenses in Brazil, Riachuelo has made one for the Now United fans. The collection has 17 pieces for boys and girls between the ages of eight and 18, and for the adult female audience as well. It is composed of kits of T-shirts and protection masks, T-shirts, shorts, pants, cropped pants, and sweatshirts with the band's symbol in the colors of the rainbow and following the current trend, the tie dye.

Now United + Impala

In partnership with the global pop group, the cosmetics brand Impala launches the new nail polish collection "Now United - Our Colors Speak”. Cith a diverse color palette, 13 of them creamy and one with a shiny effect, the collection brings plurality in tune with the generation of the moment. For this, the shades were developed following the Spring/Summer trends and inspired by the group's identity, which uses colors as a way to communicate with its fans. The new "Now United - Our Colors Speak" collection approaches the current young public, full of personality, purposes, and causes of their own.

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