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Netflix + Reserva

The clothing brand Reserva, together with Netflix, launched a collection that brings to the public clothes and accessories to make it possible to relax anywhere. The collab presented a color palette with characteristic shades of both brands. Attached to the street style, the collection brings messages already known to streaming fans in silks on T-shirts, sweatshirts, and shorts. In addition, the collection also included socks, slippers and pajamas for use at home, and caps and buckets for use on the street.

Netflix + Zee.Dog

Zee.Dog launched a collection inspired by the universe of the series to beautify not only the dogs, but also the owners. For the collection, Zee.Dog was inspired by the Stranger Things school, Hawkins High School, and the pieces feature references to the tiger, the school mascot, the year 1983 and the colors green, white and orange. The collection features everything from socks, T-shirts, sweatpants and sweatshirts, dog bibs, collars, beds, hats, and even toys for pets, with walkie-talkies, waffles, and even a cuddly Demogorgon plush.

Netflix + Imaginarium

Imaginarium, a brand that transforms the new every day and brings product options to make routine lighter and more fun, has prepared a collection full of premium products, with details specially designed to delight the biggest fans of the Netflix and Stranger Things universe. The campaign has a line specially created from the aesthetics of the streaming service, from the colors to the platform interface, in products designed to make the Netflix moment even more comfortable. To top it off, Imaginarium launches a collection with the phenomenon series from the Netflix catalog: Stranger Things! They are products from various segments, joining innovation and creativity to the story of the mysteries that surround the town of Hawkins.

Netflix + Impala

The nail polish brand Impala, always attuned to contemporary changes and connected to the desires of all audiences, has joined forces with streaming Netflix to launch an innovative collection.  In the "Impala Netflix" collection, the brand presents six colors full of tune to bring all the joy and intensity we have when choosing the mood of the day. From pastel and neutral tones to intense and vibrant ones, each color is unique and conveys a different feeling to make your Netflix moment even better, like "Swoon-worthy", "Intimate, Thrilling", "Novel, Scandalous", "Tudum. The line was developed with a vegan, hypoallergenic, animal-test-free formula and an apartment brush.


Netflix + Cacau Show

Cacau Show, the world's largest fine chocolate chain, and Netflix have teamed up to bring a brand new collection for Easter. For its most emblematic campaign, Cacau Show brings four releases inspired by the main series of the platform. The products, besides a lot of chocolate, come with an accessory to make the experience of watching your favorite title even more special.

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