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Leite Moça + Anacapri

In the year of celebration of 100 of the brand in Brazil, Leite MOÇA®, from Nestlé®, one of the most iconic and beloved brands in the country, brought another action to honor the Brazilian women who have always been by its side throughout its centenary. In its first action of external brand collaboration, MOÇA® joined Anacapri to bring the best of fashion and sweet cuisine in an unprecedented collection.

Leite Moça + FOM

Following the celebrations of 100 years of the brand in Brazil and continuing the strategy of taking one of the most iconic brands in the country to new territories, Leite MOÇA joined FOM, a 100% Brazilian company, promoter of well-being and design through its ergonomic products, for an unprecedented partnership. In a playful way, some of the most delicious recipes made with Leite Moça were transformed into 10 different products of FOM. The versatile and fun items can serve as pillows and even as decorative objects.

Bauducco + Baw

In such an atypical year, Bauducco decided to innovate and bet on a new way to advertise its products for Christmas 2020. The company has teamed up with the clothing brand Baw Clothing to launch a special limited-edition collection with pieces inspired by one of the brand's most popular products: the Chocottone. For publicity purposes, the companies even matched their names to form Bawducco. The special Christmas collection has six exclusive pieces, including T-shirts and even a sweater

Matte Leão + Farm

To pay tribute to Rio de Janeiro, Farm and Matte Leão teamed up and created an iconic collection inspired by the graphics of the city's most popular drink. Bermuda shorts with a democratic shape, belted dresses, jackets and overalls are some of the models featured in the collection, which also brings tops and shorts. In addition, the collection also includes bikinis, swimsuits, sarongs, and accessories such as bags, raffia pouches, hats, and sandals with the drink's print.

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