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Coca-Cola + Risque

Risqué, a brand specialized in nail products, in partnership with Coca-Cola, has launched a new line of nail polishes. The collection, called Risqué Coca-Cola Happiness in Colors, celebrates happiness, and brings six new shades inspired by the Coca-Cola universe. The nail polishes are hypoallergenic and have special packaging, with an exclusive metallic lid with glitter, which imitates the bubbles of the soda and the Coca-Cola logo.

Coca-Cola + Colcci

Focusing on street style, the clothing brand Colcci has teamed up with Coca-Cola for a capsule collection named "Urban Celebration". For this collection, the Brazilian and American Coca-Cola logos alternate on the wide variety of pieces, designed to be worn by all genders and in different situations of everyday life in a broad but democratic shape. There is also a second line of pieces, which brings the urban style in a funnier way: in pastel shades and relaxed modeling, pants, shorts, shirts and cropped shirts have a print full of emoticons and logos of the soft drink brand, in a junction of the 70s and 90s.

Coca-Cola + Água de Coco

The partnership between Água de Coco and Coca-Cola began in 2019, with the Brazilian being the only beachwear licensee of the multinational beverage company.  The first collection was launched at the "Menu" show, at the Mercadão de São Paulo, during the SPFW runway show.  CWith the success of the collection, they created two more: the second one focused on the irreverence of Carnaval, and the third one had the theme "Love", highlighting love through an exclusive multicolored print, which gives life to young items in versatile and uncomplicated modeling.

Coca-Cola + Chilli Beans

The partnership between Coca-Cola and Chilli Beans is unprecedented in the history of both brands and brings a wide range of products for all styles. Inspired by the details that make up the Coca-Cola brand, the collection brings different models with unique design, details and iconography combining innovation with vintage. The collection is composed of several pieces, including sunglasses, prescription and multi frames - which come with a dark lens that can be attached to the prescription glasses, bringing practicality - and watches

Coca-Cola + Baw

The partnership of Coca-Cola - a brand known for bringing lifestyle products to the stores - with Baw, a DTC full of personality , brought a brand new collection to the public. In this collab Baw wanted to highlight, through unprecedented reinterpretations, the striking Coca-Cola logo in different applications. Whether in the languages of various countries around the world, or according to the iconographic changes of the Coca-Cola logo over the years.

Coca-Cola + Monte Carlo

In partnership with the Coca-Cola brand, the Monte Carlo jewelry store launches the Jolie Coca-Cola collection with eight exclusive and collectible silver pendants of the drink. The iconic contour design and other elements of the Coca-Cola universe are depicted in the licensed pieces.

Coca-Cola + Brastemp

Brastemp, a brand that is in the hearts of Brazilians, announces a partnership with Coca-Cola through the launch of a limited edition of the iconic Brastemp Retrô refrigerator customized with the classic glass bottle and part of the Coca-Cola logo printed on the model's door. The Brastemp Retrô Frigobar Limited Edition Coca-Cola has 76 liters and rescues a vintage memory with the feet-palito, the classic "Brastemp" logo and the handle, both original from the brand in the 50s. AIn addition, it brings colors and finishes inspired by the most current trends and has an exclusive design of the Coca-Cola brand.

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