We believe on the constant search for disruptive change.


Restlessness is the fuel that keeps us alert – ready to see through different angles – to redefine priorities and understand real needs of those around us.


To stay relevant, one must be creative and capable to adapt
renewal comes learning, discovery and evolution.

Thus, we are in constant movement.


Which brings us to present the R.lab.

Created to cater an array of Brazilian local talent.

Under our curatorship and mentorship, sharing our experience and network – inside and outside Brazil – we are bringing creative solutions for new business models.


Our purpose is what moves us:

to bring smiles to our brands fans.


This is the Redibra filter.

Come see the world through our lens!


AUGUST 2018 Redibra, licensing and brand extension agency, is the pioneer in this segment in Brazil and continues to innovate. Licensing was non-existent in Brazil when Redibra was founded in 1967 by Elcan Diesendruck. Until the mid-90's he was Disney's exclusive representative. In 1994 the entertainment giant started its own operation in the country.

In 1998, David Diesendruck, then Vice President of Licensing for Latin America, after five years as a Disney executive in the United States, decided to return to Brazil and resume the operations of Redibra, then to other brands, under an unprecedented management model. "We have adopted the concept of boutique, with careful curation, and we work closely with the licensors to ensure continuous brand activations, keeping them relevant and desired. Our purpose goes beyond the commercial aspect: we want to see the fans smile" says David Diesendruck, managing director of Redibra.


David built a diversified portfolio with brands from different segments and age groups. Redibra became the most awarded licensing agency in Latin America. Currently, clients list includes Chevrolet, Capricho, The Simpsons, Super Mario Bros., Galinha Pintadinha (Lottie Dottie Chicken), Show da Luna (Earth to Luna) and Coca-Cola, whose licensing program in Brazil is the largest in the world. Redibra’s initiatives and the Coca-Cola licensees marketing campaigns have changed consumers perception elevating the soda brand products to the status of a desired lifestyle brand.


To better cater its partners, Redibra has dedicated teams for trend research, design, trade marketing, product approval, royalties and contracts monitoring. "Companies are looking for new ways to engage, connect and deliver experiences to their consumers. Licensing is an opportunity to broaden and consolidate this relationship through products that put brands and characters on the day to day of their fans. It's gratifying to be involved in this process" concludes David.


In 2018, in tune with segment evolution, RLab is inaugurated: an incubator whose main objective is to assist Brazilian companies in brand extension projects and monetization of audiovisual content through new business models.